Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Post it Note Holders

 Hello!!  This is Evelyn from My Little Craft Blog showing you some Post it Note Holders I recently made for Christmas gifts for my co-workers.  I used the My Mind's Eye Beautiful Winter paper pack from a year or two ago, along with the card from page 30 of the Art Philosophy cartridge.

Using my Gypsy, I chose the card and sized it to 3.25 high x 6.93 wide.  The card has rounded edges, and since I wanted to make a post it note holder, I didn't want that round corner in the middle (it looks like a triangle in the picture below) so I also choose a rectangle from that same cartridge, and sized it to 3.25 high.  I used the rectangle to cover the round edge in the middle of the card:

Then I selected both, grouped and welded them.  Here is the preview:

You can see the red line shows that it will now cut in a straight line.

I cut the shift decorative layer (medallion/frame) at 2.25 inches.  I placed that layer over the cut out on the front of the card.  It looked like this:

I had to use tiny scissors to cut all the little parts that you could see.  I did this on two of the post it note holders (the ones in the very top photo) then I tried something easier!!

I cut the snowflake off the base card file --

-- and covered it with a square that I rounded the edges: 

This is what the front looks like:

Instead of seeing the color of the post it notes inside, you see the back of the patterned paper, which in this case is white.  I think it looks just as good!

I'd love it if you came and visited me at my blog, My Little Craft Blog!  Happy Holidays!



Caroline said...

These are fabulous love this idea. Caroline xxx

Creative M said...

Love your post it notes!!Super Cute!I regret not making these for the holidays.
Have a wonderful day,

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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