Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Science Stars

This is Evelyn from My Little Craft Blog.  My project today is a sign for a bulletin board at school.  I teach science to middle schoolers, and one of my most valuable tools is a digital camera. I take pictures of lab equipment, experiment results, and students involved in experiments and using lab equipment.  I use the camera every day, and wind up with lots of great pictures of my kids.  They love to see themselves in photos, so after I have a good number of each of them, I make a bulletin board featuring them.

This year, I turned to the Art Philosophy cartridge to see if there were any cuts I could use for this bulletin board, and I came across the star "license plate" on page 45.  I cut it at 11" high, which was 20.24" wide.  The 24" paper from Cricut really comes in handy for this sort of thing.  The base layer is cut from white, the decorative (star) layer is cut from black, and I used shift layer to make blue and red stars.

The word science is cut at 1.7 inches.  I originally had it set at one inch, then centered it over the top arch and kept increasing the size until it looked right.  STARS is cut at 2 1/4 inches using just the font layer.  I have leftover red and blue stars to sprinkle between photos of my students.

I think of the Art Philosophy as a very sophisticated, grown-up cartridge, so I was surprised but pleased to find something that would be appealing to younger people on it!  I hope this post shows you a different side to Art Philosophy!


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Cricut Couple said...

Wow Evelyn! I love this design! I bet you have the coolest bulleton boards ever!!!