Saturday, March 3, 2012

First Project!!!

Hey Ya'll,
Well, I feel kinda bad.  I was hoping to have the first project posted before now.  There are so many wonderful things that are getting ready to happen with this blog, but life kind of swept in and smacked us this week.  I will get into the project and then I will share a little story at the end.  So... YAY!!!  First Project!!!  Hee! Hee!

I want to thank everyone so much for such a fantastic response to the new blog and the March CTMH promotion.  We have several new friends who have joined the Cricut Couple team and I can't wait to get everything organized and introduce them all to you!  You talk about a talented group!  I am SO excited!  Soon, everyone in our team will be sharing some great projects... but... they all just ordered their starter kits, so I am gonna share the first projects and start building content until they receive everything and have some time to play and create.  I hope that will work for everyone.

Since the Stella Workshop on the Go comes with the Consultant Kit, let's start there and play with a few of the other goodies, including the March Free Cricut Art Philosophy Collection.
The base for this card is the Colonial White Die Cut cards and envelopes.  They come with the kit as well.  I inked all of the edges with Cocoa Ink.  Then I cut the label shape.  I used two layers for this for the lamp.  It's cut at a height of 4.00.  The background is in the colonial white card stock and the top layer is the blue patterned paper from the Stella Papers from the kit.  The Bottom labels were cut the same way.  For the lamp, I used Cocoa Ink and stamped the lamp image on the white label shape.  I stamped the sentiment the same way.  I added the frame to the bottom piece and then used 3D tape to pop the layer up.  I then stamped the lamp shade on a scrap piece of paper.  I used a knife to cut out the lamp shade.  I used Liquid Glass on the lamp base.  I then used 3D tape to pop the lamp shade.  I used two pieces in the center and then one on each side.  This gives natural curve to the shade.  I cut a couple of hearts from the AP cartridge and used Liquid Glass on them as well.  Clear Sparkles were used on the bottom of the flap on the card, the label shapes and even a teeny tiny one on the lamp base.  Once this was all put together, I sat it aside.

On the card base, I took the little flower stamp that comes with this stamp set and stamped with Cocoa on the left side and Lagoon on the right side.  I then added a the red piece cut at 2 1/4" x 7 7/8".  The brown stitched piece on the right side is cut from the strip on top of the patterned paper.  It was also cut a 7 7/8" long.

On the flap of the card, I used a piece of red that was cut 3 3/4" x 1 1/4".  Then added the blue piece which is cut 3" x 1 1/2".  I also inked the edges of all pieces with Cocoa Ink.

This was such a fun card.  I am really in love with this stamp set.  The paper colors are gorgeous.  I am so excited that they put this all with the promotion because it's really inspiring and a joy to work with!

Ok... So some of you know that Jill and I are in the Branson, Missouri area.  Well, we had a Tornado the other night that they are calling "The Skipper".  I was all set to launch this blog and get all kinds of fun content.  Everything I am starting with is created, but it takes time to write the posts and get the pictures ready.  I am pretty particular about how I shoot my pictures.  Hee! Hee!  One of the people I work with lost everything in this tornado.  His entire apartment is gone.  There is only one wall standing in the room that he was sleeping in at the time.  Obviously, he has had to take a little time to recover.  He has a few minor injuries, but his car had quite a bit of damage and his life is somewhere over in Forsythe, Missouri now.  I work for a wonderful company and everyone has jumped in to help out.  Our manager immediately got on the phone and called for reinforcements.    They certainly didn't disappoint.  He has a new wardrobe on the way, pretty much everything he needs (very stylish) for his new apartment, his car windows are getting replaced immediately and he will not have to worry about any expenses in his life for at least a couple of months.  It's really been a great restart for him.  But... I love to help in situations like this, so it has really taken a lot of my time the last couple of days.  I promise that I will have a strong showing starting on Monday.  For now, please enjoy the card and thanks so much for visiting.

I am looking so forward to introducing everyone and hearing all of your wonderful comments!


CLM-cindylu2u said...

Love your card!! Your friend is very lucky to have such wonderful friends in his life, I live in KY and have been very lucky because the tornados this week have been all around us, very scary. Looking forward to more fabulous creations!!

TeacherMom said...

Love the card!! Doesn't it just make you feel so good inside to know that you are doing good in the world??? Although there is much going on that is bad--I still think the good outweighs the bad by a lot!!!! I am a fellow CTMH consultant (just a hobbyist though) so I am really looking forward to your blog and what you have up your sleeve for us!!!!!!

Anita Kehn said...

I am so sorry about the tornadoes and bad luck that came to your friend. When bad things come my way or friends I tell myself it proves what I am made of. Whether I can accept it or if I am of help to those around me tells me what sort of person I really am! I love the card you have posted today. I have lots of ideas for projects and am very anxious to receive my kit. I enjoy doing packaging and mini albums along with cards.

Tanya said...

Oh my...haven't these storms just been awful? I am thankful that your friend is ok. I know it had to be devastating to loose his home,but it could have been so much worse. He certainly has a guardian angel looking after him! Sounds like you work with a lot of great folks to get him up and on his feet again in such a short time!

Your card is just amazing as always! I love all the layers and mats and bling and fun elements...toooooo cute! So excited for you and your new adventure!

BethAnn said...

Love the new blog, and the card is beautiful. I'm so glad your friend is OK physically, and with all of the support you and your co-workers are providing, it must be a huge psychological lift, as well. Keep up the great work, and thanks for all the inspiration. BethAnn M.

Scrapper69 said...

LOVE the new blog! Looking forward to seeing what you create with these CTMH cartridges.... Maybe I'll use mine more often! :o)

Audrey Frelx said...

I can hardly wait for everything!!!

P.S. Again, I'm so glad you're you and such a kind heart. What a wonderful friend you are! And what a comfort you must be to your friend!

I feel so blessed that you're my friend too! Thank you!